Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Broadwater Gravel Pit

A morning visit bathed in sunshine with a light cooling breeze provided the following species:-
Great-crested Grebe, Great Cormorant (several occupied nests with young), Grey Heron, Mute Swan, Greylag Goose (2 pairs with goslings), Canada Goose (3 pairs with goslings), Gadwall, Mallard, Common Pochard, Tufted Duck, Common Moorhen, Eurasian Coot, Black-headed Gull (c30 nesting pairs most with recently hatched young on rafts), Lesser Black-backed Gull (6), Herring Gull (3), Common Tern (c5 nesting pairs on rafts), Woodpigeon, Ring-necked Parakeet (pair at probable nest), Common Cuckoo (2 singing), Common Swift (c100 feeding overhead), Common Kingfisher (1), Great-spotted Woodpecker (2), Common Sand Martin (1), Common House Martin (10), Wren, Dunnock, European Robin, Blackbird, Song Thrush, Cetti's Warbler (singing male), European Reed Warbler (5 singing male), Sedge Warbler (singing male), Common Whitethroat (singing male), Garden Warbler (several singing male), Blackcap (several singing male), Chiffchaff (4 singing male), Goldcrest (3 singing male), Long-tailed Tit, Blue Tit (nest with young), Great Tit (nest with young), Eurasian Jay (pair collecting food), Common Magpie, Western Jackdaw (8), Carrion Crow (pair collecting food), Common Chaffinch (singing male), European Goldfinch (singing male), European Greenfinch (singing male), Common Reed Bunting (3 singing male).
Banded Demoiselle, Common Blue Damslefly.
Speckled Wood.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

25-05-12 Maple Lodge Nature Reserve

I conducted a brief afternoon visit to the reserve where I noted the female hybrid Mallard from Shell Hide with 8 of her original 9 ducklings remaining. All was relatively quiet due to the hot conditions but Garden Warbler and Blackcap were all heard singing. I still haven't heard or seen a Sedge Warbler at the reserve this year although one had been logged in the sightings record.

A good day for butterflies with Orange Tip, Brimstone, Large White, Holly Blue and Red Admiral all observed.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Stockers Lake & Bury Lake

An early morning visit to conduct a wetland bird survey provided the following species:-
Great-crested Grebe (11), Great Cormorant (5), Little Egret (1), Grey Heron (11), Mute Swan (45), Greylag Goose (1), Domestic Greylag Goose (1), Canada Goose (85 inc 3 pairs with goslings), Egyptian Goose (3), Gadwall (2), Mallard (52), Common Pochard (14), Tufted Duck (59), Sparrowhawk (2), Common Kestrel (1), Common Pheasant (1), Common Moorhen (3), Eurasian Coot (37), Black-headed Gull (27), Lesser Black-backed Gull (5), Common Tern (23), Feral Rock Dove (2 over), Stock Dove, Woodpigeon (3), Ring-necked Parakeet (3), Common Swift (2), Common Kingfisher (male delivering fish to nest site), Green Woodpecker (1), Great-spotted Woodpecker (2), Barn Swallow (7), Grey Wagtail (1), Wren, Dunnock, European Robin, Blackbird, Song Thrush, Cetti's Warbler (singing male), Sedge Warbler (3 singing male), European Reed Warbler (5 singing male), Common Whitethroat (4 singing male), Garden Warbler (2 singing male), Blackcap (13 singing male), Chiffchaff (6 singing male), Willow Warbler (singing male), Long-tailed Tit, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Common Magpie, Western Jackdaw, Carrion Crow (5), Starling (c20 inc fledged young), House Sparrow, Common Chaffinch, European Greenfinch, Siskin (1 over calling), Reed Bunting (2).     

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Maple Lodge Nature Reserve

A much milder day with plenty of sunshine and a less chilling wind giving a more spring like feel to the afternoon. I made my way to Rotunda Hide where 2 singing male European Reed Warbler were present in the phragmites but still no sign of any Sedge Warbler. I then visited the new Teal Hide where a single Great-crested Grebe showed well as it fed on earthworms trapped in the muddy bed of the marsh. Then on to Lynsters Hide where 3 pairs of Greylag Geese were present with goslings. In the paddock 2 Garden Warbler sang with several Blackcap joining the chorus. A brief visit to Long Hedge Hide provided a brief view of a Eurasian Oystercatcher as if flew over heading north and a hybrid duck Mallard was noted with 9 ducklings.On returning to the clubhouse a Red Fox cub was briefly viewed as it trotted along the path near the approach to Teal Hide and a pair of displaying Orange Tip butterflies drifted past.

                                         Great-crested Grebe

                                          Orange Tip (male).

                                                         Red Fox (cub).

Monday, 14 May 2012

Weekend update

Another busy weekend has been and gone with Maple Lodge open weekend attracting many visitors.
While at work on Friday night I watched a superb Peregrine hunting feral Rock Doves above the aircraft maintenance hangars near Hatton Cross and I again viewed the bird early Saturday morning.Today a brief visit to Maple Lodge produced many Common Swift and Barn Swallow and an overflying Eurasian Oystercatcher from Shell Hide. At Lynsters Farm 3 pairs of Greylag Goose were present with goslings. Water levels continue to rise but still below the normal depth for this time of year.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Croxley Common Moor & The Withey Beds Nature Reserve

Steve Carter and I conducted a morning visit to the moor in conditions that were almost wintry with dark cloud overhead and precipitation hanging in the air. On arriving we headed to the centre of the moor where a total of 4 Northern Wheatear (3 male and a single female) showed well and a single Whinchat briefly posed before moving into deep gorse.
A full list of species encountered as follows:-
Great Cormorant (3 on Grand Union Canal), Grey Heron (1), Mallard (2), Common Pheasant, Common Buzzard (1), Common Moorhen (2), Common Tern (3), Lesser Black-backed Gull (4), Feral Rock Dove (1 over), Collared Dove (2), Ring-necked Parakeet, Common Kingfisher (1), Green Woodpecker, Great-spotted Woodpecker, Barn Swallow, Pied Wagtail (1), Wren, Dunnock, European Robin, Whinchat (1), Northern Wheatear (4), Blackbird, Song Thrush, Sedge Warbler (1), Lesser Whitethroat (2), Common Whitethroat (3), Blackcap (1), Chiffchaff (2), Willow Warbler (1), Long-tailed Tit, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Eurasian Jay (1), Common Magpie, Western Jackdaw, Carrion Crow, Starling (6 collecting food), House Sparrow, Common Chaffinch, European Greenfinch, European Goldfinch, Reed Bunting.

                                          Common Moorhen.

                                          Northern Wheatear.  

We then moved on to the Withey Beds Nature Reserve where the following species of note were observed:-
Common Buzzard (1), Common Swift, Green Woodpecker, Great-spotted Woodpecker, Garden Warbler (1), Eurasian Bullfinch (pair)
Roe Deer (1).

                                          Roe Deer at the Withey Beds N.R