Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Stockers Farm, Stockers Lake & Bury Lake

From Stockers pumping station I made my way through the farm to Stockers Lake & Bury Lake.
At Stockers Farm I noted 2 Little Owl in a large Crack Willow and 3 Lapwing present on the flooded field (now dry). At Bury Lake, which had 80% ice coverage, 6 Red-crested Pochard (inc 4 drake) were present on open water at the north end.
At Stockers Lake, also with 80% ice coverage, I noted an adult male Smew that was busily diving for food at the east side of the lake with at least 5 drake Goldeneye and c100 Shoveler also present.

                                          Smew (adult male) at Stockers Lake

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