Monday, 21 February 2011

Out and about the local patch

Chalfont Road
A morning bike ride along Chalfont Road produced 3 Skylark displaying high above the fields near the Old Shire Lane junction as below c120 Woodpigeon fed.
Maple Lodge Nature Reserve
On arrival in the afternoon I briefly observed a Red Kite before it disappeared from view heading towards Maple Cross. In the Alder plantation I flushed a male Kestrel as c20 Siskin fed in the canopy nearby.
At the Sluice Hide I watched 2 Cormorant busily fishing as several Teal dabbled in the shallows.
At Lynsters Hide I observed a pair of Long-tailed Tit busily building their lichen covered nest in the middle of a dense bramble bush. On leaving the reserve a single Golden Plover was briefly observed over heading south.
Lynsters Farm
A count of selected species observed went as follows;
Greylag Goose (3), Canada Goose (101), Egyptian Goose (3), Little Egret (1 over briefly heading south), Jackdaw (20), Rook (1).

                                          Teal (drake) at Maple Lodge Nature Reserve

                                          Long-tailed Tit viewed from Lynsters Hide.


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