Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Woodoaks Farm and Maple Lodge Nature Reserve

An unsettled, autumnal morning was spent at Woodoaks Farm with fellow birder and pal Steve Carter before we moved on to Maple Lodge. The the following species of note were observed:-
Woodoaks Farm
Common Buzzard (2 briefly), Little Owl (1 in the old orchard), Kestrel (female), Swallow (1), House Martin (several), Whinchat (1 at manure pile before moving off to the lower pasture where it fed from the fence-line), Blackbird (9 feeding below Blackthorn bushes opposite cottages).
Maple Lodge
Little Grebe (3), Hobby (mobbed by Carrion Crow), Kingfisher (2 from long hedge hide), House Martin (several passing through), Chiffchaff, Blackcap, Jay (4 collecting acorns from long hedge).

                                          Whinchat at Woodoaks Farm

                                          Large Black Slug Arion ater at Maple Lodge Nature Reserve

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