Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Arrivals and departures

Steve Carter and I visited Stockers Lake mid-morning with weather conditions much the same as yesterday, mild with a strong wind. We made our way towards Kingfisher Hide where Geoff Lapworth and Tony Hulls were already busily "grilling" the waterfowl.
A combined effort produced the following species of note :-
Little Grebe (1), Greylag Goose (c30), Egyptian Goose (2), Goldeneye (female from the tern hide, new arrival present for it's second day, busily feeding), Sparrowhawk (1), Water Rail (1 heard calling), Kingfisher (2 very mobile).
I then visited Maple Lodge Nature Reserve briefly where the following species of note were observed :-
Common Snipe (1 from teal hide), Kingfisher (1), Ring-necked Parakeet (2), Green Woodpecker (1), Jay (3), House Martin (c30 feeding above long hedge before drifting south).
From Lynsters Hide 2 Egyptian Geese and 54 Jackdaw were observed feeding on the cattle field.


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