Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Red-backed Shrike at Lake Farm Country Park, Hayes

Steve Carter and I made a late morning visit to Lake Farm C.P, Hayes in search of the reported Red-backed Shrike. The bird had been present here since the 11th July and was discovered by local birder Peter Naylor, but this was our first chance to catch up with it. On arrival we immediately noted several birders huddled together near an area of Hawthorn so headed in that direction. Once there we were kindly pointed to the birds location and soon gained our first views of a glorious adult male in perfect plumage. Although some distance away the bird performed well as it fed on insects from the cover of Hawthorn. Periodically it would dive into the long grass before reappearing almost immediately back to its original position. This was my first visit to this site although embarrassingly I pass by every day on my way to work at Heathrow Airport. Other species of note included a displaying pair of Common Kestrel, several Common Linnet, 2 singing male Reed Bunting and at least 2 Common Whitethroat.
Below are a couple of very poor record shots that I took of the bird.


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