Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Corn Bunting at West Hyde

I received a message from Chris Bessant yesterday informing me that she had found a Corn Bunting on the arable land west of West Hyde Village. So today I made my way to West Hyde and began to walk along footpath number 4 that now follows a dirt road leading to the new quarry and Shire Lane. Some hundred yards or so on I began to hear the distinctive song of the Corn Bunting and eventually located the bird sitting on a fence post as it sang. A rather dumpy looking bird sporting a diagnostic dark spot on its chest indicating worn plumage. A fantastic find and my first locally for about 25 years. Other species of note included Common Skylark (6 singing male), Sedge Warbler (1), Common Whitethroat (singing male), Common Linnet (singing male).

                                                       Footpath leading to Shire Lane.

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