Monday, 29 July 2013

Western Australia Day 2

A late afternoon visit to Mullaloo Beach produced 2 Silver Gull feeding on the shoreline while overhead a single Australian Pelican and several Tree Martin were observed briefly. Then onto Pinaroo Valley Memorial Park where a dozen or so Western Grey Kangaroo were noted feeding among the shrubs and lawns. In the canopy overhead Rainbow Lorikeets, Western Corellas, Red Wattlebirds and a noisy pair of Laughing Kookaburra were all noted. On the reed fringed ponds 3 Australian Wood Duck, 2 Pacific Black Duck a single Australasian Grebe and several Eurasian Coot were all seen while among the reeds a single Australian Clamorous Reed Warbler posed briefly. 

                                                                      Silver Gull

                                                            Western Grey Kangaroo

                                                    Australian Wood Duck (male)

                                                  Australian Wood Duck (female)

                                                       Australian Clamorous Reed Warbler

                                                                 Pacific Black Duck

                                                                  Red Wattlebird

                                                                      Willie Wagtail

                                                                Rainbow Lorikeets

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