Thursday, 24 October 2013

Osprey continues to perform at Maple Lodge

After spending a few days in Edinburgh with my better half I was desperate to get down the reserve and catch up with the juvenile Osprey that had been present since Sunday. I arrived at the reserve at 09:30 with birding pal Steve Carter and we headed off to the Long Hedge Hide. On entering we found the hide already occupied with Geoff Lapworth, Dale Ayres, Paul Ward and others all viewing the bird which was present on top of the Long Hedge. After gaining a few brief glimpses and taking a few record shots the bird took off and began to cirlce the reserve before landing on Alders opposite the hide. It remained on its perch for some minutes before eventually taking off again and briefly landing on trees near the Shell Hide. It then took off again and suddenly launched itself into the water and grabbed a small Roach which it carried away.
Other species noted included at least one singing male Cetti's Warbler and a single Kingfisher.

                                                              Osprey with Roach

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