Thursday, 18 April 2013

Stockers Farm & Stockers Lake

After being laid up in bed for a few days with flu and a chest infection it was no wonder that I was now beginning to fall foul to cabin fever! No better treatment then than a brief visit to Stockers Farm where earlier in the day Geoff Lapworth had discovered a Common Sandpiper on the flooded field. To my delight the bird was still present during my late afternoon visit. On the meadow above the flooded field a pair of Northern Wheatear and pair of Mistle Thrush fed while overhead 4 Barn Swallow chased insects. Then on to Stockers Lake where the following species of note were observed:-
Little Egret (2 in flight above the causeway), Common Tern (4), Sedge Warbler (2 singing male on causeway), Reed Warbler (1 singing male on causeway), Willow Warbler (1 singing male in alders).

                                                  Common Sandpiper at Stockers Farm.

                                                     Sedge Warbler at Stockers Lake.

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