Thursday, 1 August 2013

Western Australia Day 5

An early morning visit to Joondalup Lake provided the following species:-
Australasian Grebe, Black Swan, Australian Shelduck, Pacific Black Duck, Grey Teal, Australasian Shoveler, Australian Wood Duck, Musk Duck, Black-tailed Native-hen, Australian White Ibis, Silver Gull, Black-shouldered Kite, Swamp Harrier, Spotted Turtle Dove, Western Corella, Galah, Rainbow Lorikeet, Red-capped Parrot, Australian Ringneck, Laughing Kookaburra, Splendid Fairy-wren, Weebill, Western Gerygone, Red Wattlebird, Singing Honeyeater, Rufous Whistler, Grey Fantail, Willie Wagtail, Magpie-lark, Grey Butcherbird, Australian Magpie, Australian Raven, Welcome Swallow, Tree Martin, Silvereye.

                                                                  Australian Raven

                                                                    Grey Fantail

Then an early evening visit to Heirisson Island, Perth produced 3 new lifers, Australasian Darter, Eastern Great Egret and Little Pied Cormorant.

                                                                 Australasian Darter

                                                                 White-faced Heron


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