Monday, 5 August 2013

Western Australia Day 9

A visit with my family to Perth Zoo is not the most obvious of places to discover any new species but while watching the White Rhino exhibit I noted several New Holland Honeyeaters feeding from a Coral Tree. The smaller Brown Honeyeater was also present as were several Singing Honeyeaters & Rainbow Lorikeets.

                                         New Holland Honeyeater (note diagnostic white eye)

                                                                Brown Honeyeater

                                                                   Singing Honeyeater

                                                                  Australian Pelican

Below are a few shots taken from the indigenous bird collection including a couple species missing from my list.

                                                          Splendid Fairy Wren (male)

                                                                  Rufous Whistler

                                                         Purple-crowned Lorikeet

                                                              Elegant Parrot

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