Friday, 10 February 2012

All quiet on the western front

With yesterdays news of an odd looking Thrush arriving in Steve Carter's back garden at  Maple Cross and the subsequent frenzied excitement that followed, today seemed a much quieter affair. After working last night and the arrival of more arctic weather the only birding activities were conducted from the warmth of my house. I still managed to observed single Red Kite and Common Buzzard as they passed minutes apart over the playing field behind my home before moving on. I have had time to reflect on yesterday's activities and have studied the photo's again of Steve's very interesting bird. I can honestly say that I'm still unsure what to make of it except that it is a very odd looking Blackbird type bird.  The consensus is that it is in fact a female Blackbird but certainty of its origin has not been ascertained. I personally believe it to be either an eastern race of Blackbird or even a Hybrid of some sorts but I will let you make up your own conclusion.

On the 8th of February I made a brief visit to Stockers Lake where I took the picture below of a very friendly European Robin.       

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