Saturday, 11 February 2012

Maple Lodge Nature Reserve & Lynsters Farm

After working another night shift and temperatures dropping overnight to -11 it was no surprise to find the reserve once again frozen during my visit this afternoon. The clubhouse lake and marsh lake were solid and still covered in snow. I headed off to Lynsters Hide where 5 Egyptian Geese were noted on the top field at Lynsters Farm. The small area of open water that was present at Lynsters G.P was now frozen over so I returned to the clubhouse. At the feeders at least 4 Ring-necked Parakeet fed on peanuts while below several Chaffinch squabbled over spoils. A male Great-spotted Woodpecker put in a brief appearance before a Marsh Tit called briefly but did not show.

                                      Ring-necked Parakeets at the clubhouse feeding station.

                                                         Great-spotted Woodpecker (male).

                    One of two Red Fox observed at the clubhouse lake (note full brush).

                                          Second Red Fox with mange to rear end and tail.

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