Thursday, 2 February 2012

Maple Lodge Nature Reserve and Lynsters Farm

I conducted an afternoon visit to the reserve on a sunny but bitterly cold day where much of the water was locked in ice except for a few sunny margins at the Clubhouse Lake.
Derek and the Dominoes, AKA the work party, were struggling to move the fallen Poplar that blocks the path leading to the sluice and they eventually gave up and headed off to the Clubhouse for a welcome hot beverage. I continued on to Lynsters Hide where I scanned the farm and lake for several minutes before too heading back to the clubhouse.
Species of note as follows:-
Little Grebe (2), Greylag Goose (12 Lynsters Farm), Canada Goose (38 Lynsters Farm), Egyptian Goose (7 Lynsters Farm), Wigeon (44 grazing at Lynsters Farm), Sparrowhawk (1 mobbed by Carrion Crow), Coot (4), Fieldfare (10 Lynsters Farm), Mistle Thrush (1 Lynsters Farm).
Mammals observed included several Grey Squirrel feeding among the leaf litter at the plantation while a Brown Rat was noted at the Clubhouse feeding station.


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