Thursday, 24 January 2013

No show Bittern but Waxwings perform

A brief morning visit to Stockers Lake with Steve Carter in search of last nights Great Bittern produced little reward with no sign of it apart from a single feather lieing among the reeds. A Common Kingfisher did appear briefly as it buzzed by on it way up river. As my partner in crime wasn't feeling too good we curtailed out outing and headed off back to Maple Cross. On arriving at Denham Way we noticed a small flock of Waxwing sitting in the tree tops opposite number 74. We parked up for a better look and counted 10 birds in total and even managed to take a few shots. A noisy bus passing by spooked the birds in to flight and they disappeared over the roof tops. After dropping off Steve I then travelled around the estate and relocated the flock at Chalfont Road outside number 17 feeding on Cotoneaster, a favoured food source. The birds didn't really settle and soon departed, briefly landing on a Silver Birch at the top of Maple Lodge Close before disappearing from view over the Franklins Estate. I then made a brief visit to Bury Lake where 38 Northern Shoveler were sat on the ice. On returning home I received a message from Geoff Lapworth stating that the Bittern did eventually show although very briefly before taking to the air and flying off in the direction of Maple Cross!

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