Friday, 11 January 2013

Woodoaks Farm, Stockers Farm & Stockers Lake

A mid-afternoon visit in cold but calm conditions with Steve Carter produced the following species of note:-
Woodoaks Farm:-
Common Buzzard (1 feeding on earth worms on winter wheat field), Collared Dove (36 in old orchard), Fieldfare (c50 on pasture above old orchard).
Stockers Farm:-
Common Teal (7 on flooded field), Ring-necked parakeet (3), Mistle Thrush (3 feeding on field above paddock), House Sparrow (7 in hawthorn).
Stockers Lake:-
Eurasian Wigeon (2), Common Goldeneye (8), Water Rail (1 calling from reeds at the east side of the lake), Eurasian Nuthatch (3 including 2 birds visiting bird table).


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