Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Maple Lodge Nature Reserve in the fog

A late morning, early afternoon visit to the reserve with a thick blanket of fog covering everything made birding very difficult indeed. At the Clubhouse feeding station Blue & Great Tit's busily fed on the nut feeders while below several Chaffinches squabbled over the scattered pickings. A cock Pheasant then appeared briefly before several Moorhen moved in and took advantage of an easy feed. Above in an Alder a single Ring-necked Parakeet called out as a Cormorant suddenly appeared and successfully landed in the gloom. Then a female Great-spotted Woodpecker landed on the nut feeder and hungrily fed. The rest of the reserve was comparatively quiet but at Lynsters Hide I did note a Grey Wagtail at Lynsters Farm.

                                          Pheasant at the Clubhouse feeding station. 

                                           Great-spotted Woodpecker (female).

                                                        Friendly Robin

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